Get Connected to Faster Broadband

Step 1:  Complete our simple sign up form on this page or call us during normal business hours toll free at 866-946-2999 and ask for Sales

Step 2:  We need to qualify the available service at your location and determine if we can provide broadband through our fiber and/or wireless networks

Step 3:  We will respond to your service inquiry within 24 hours to let you know what type of service is available

Fiber or Wireless?

Fiber:  If your location can be 
reached by the MBI or FastRoads Fiber networks we will need you to complete our service agreement before we can schedule an installation.  Download and complete a copy of the WiValley Service Agreement

Additionally if you will be connected on the FastRoads network, you will also need to sign their Agreement.  

These forms can be sent via email sales@wivalley or faxed to 603-546-7198

Wireless:  Even if we can not reach you with our Fiber Network, WiValley has wireless service that can outperform both DSL or Cable solutions depending on the signal quality at your location.  We have wireless coverage that extend service to a number of communities in MA, NH and VT.  Complete this questionnaire to check for Service Availability

Note:  An agreement is not required prior to a scheduled installation for Wireless Service.  For both Fiber and Wireless customers, an Electronic signature or physical signature to accept our Service Terms and Conditions is required.  Review the End User Agreement & Terms of Service.

Step 4:  Installation:  We will schedule a time for a technician to perform an installation at your location.  This typically takes about 2 hours to determine the best location and perform the required wiring to connect you to our service.

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